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 White Light Reiki, IET, Hypno Counseling, Nutrition,Breathwork, Therapeutic Healing Oils and Massage are all holistic modalities that have become main stream and that are used by medical professionals in clinical care plans as well as individuals to achieve optimum health and well being.

RHOH continually adds to our practitioner lists and offerings to provide the most flexiable array of beneficial services.

We slow down a bit in the summer as everyone is out enjoying the nice weather.

Stay tuned for Special Class Discounts for Massage therapists in June/July and events



Our Services Include by appointment:

Therapeutic Massage

White Light Reiki

( Sessions & Certification)

Guided Meditation

Reiki Shares

Crystal Bed Therapy Sessions

Gary Young Living Oils

Guest Speakers

Referrals for:


Thai Yoga Massage

Hyno Counseling

Paranormal Investigation




Current Eventsimage

Guided Meditation 7pm - 7:30pm

$45/ $15 Drop In

NeXT 4 week series begins August!


July 9th- Burlington County Jail $25 

7pm to Midnight


May 28 - Paranormal Investigation

Hosted By Chuck Lehman, Lead Investigator, Reiki Master, Gatekeeper

Monmouth Battlefield, No Charge

Please RSVP, Meet at the office at 10:30am






White Light Reiki II- Certification Course $250- May 29th


Reiki Share

Sunday, July 17th... 9am - Noon

Practitioners and Non-Practitioners Welcome $20

Guided Meditation, Mini Sessions and Light Refreshments. Come and spend a few hours with some really great practitioners!



Individual WLR Classes Available for those that work weekends!

More Summer Events Coming Soon!...




 Office Location:  

Reiki Hands of Hope, 22 Old Matawan Road, Suite G4 

Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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RHOH Paranormal Investigation Field Trip- May 2014  (Monmouth Battlefield

& October 2013 (Chestnut Hill Cemetary, NJ) , Rosehill Cemetery June 2015

Radio Show

Listen to Amy's 11/26/11 Guest Appearance on Spiritual Footprints on blog talk radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/usc-radio-productions-1/2011/11/26/spiritual-footprints-with-host-toni-gamarro

General info:

ABC Video-general Info Reiki Growing in Use: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/video?id=4766794

Reiki  Articles:

 Reiki for the Recovering
Alcoholic and Addict


Reiki & Addictions


Reiki Studies:




Local Hospitals that offer Reiki as a Complement Therapy:

Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center

RWJUH- Cancer Institute of NJ

JFK Medical Center- Haven Hospice

Kennedy Cancer Center

Gift Certificates Available for Classes & Sessions!!!