Crystal Healing Bed





What is a Crystal Healing Bed?

The Crystal Bed is a healing modality that employs the use of Chromotherpay (color light) and crystal therapy to align, balance, harmonize and restore the seven major chakra centers of the body.    The Crystal bed uses pure LED light that radiates specific color light through seven Vogel-style clear quartz crystals to the corresponding chakras of the client.  Following the teachings of Marcel Vogel,  each individual crystal was programmed  by our group of Reiki Masters,  Mediums and Energy practitioners to provide the highest beneficial intent to the client.  The Ascended Masters were also asked to work through the crystals as well to help and assist the client.

The Crystal Healing Bed can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities such as Reiki,  acupuncture, etc. as well.

Why use Vogel-style clear quartz crystals instead of any other clear quartz?

Marcel Vogel was a pioneer in the field of using quartz crystals for healing.  Through his research,  he determined that a precisely cut crystal,  programmed with proper intent,  could be used as a powerful healing modality.     Those cut quartz crystals are double terminated and have equally cut and polished sides.  Typical cuts include 4 or more sides.   The more sides,  the great healing potential.   While any clear quartz crystal can provide a powerful healing energy,  a Vogel-Style cut provides the near optimum output.     Our Crystal bed uses seven 12 sided Vogel-Style crystals mined and cut in India.

What happens during a Crystal Bed session?

The client will lie down on the table face up,  fully clothed,  only removing items such as shoes,  glasses or any jewelry that might cause the client to feel uncomfortable during the session.   An eye mask can be worn during the session if needed.   Relaxing music will be played in the background and the lights in the room are turned down.  The crystals are suspended about 18 inches above the client, so there is never any direct contact.

After turning on the Crystal Bed, the LED lights will all illuminate for approximately one minute in order to give the practitioner ample time to properly align the crystals to the clients Chakras. This time is also used for the crystal lights to establish their connection to their corresponding Chakras. After the connection period is over, the Crystal Bed begins a 10 minute process of a complete random order of lighting, in one second intervals.

During this time the practitioner will sit in the room with the client to hold the energy and observe the lighting to see which Charkas received the most attention.

After 10 minutes, the Crystal Bed will then go into a process where the lights will illuminate in sequence one at a time, starting from the Crown Chakra and proceed down to the Root Chakra where it will then repeat this process until the session is over. We start from the Crown and work our way down to allow the energy to flow downwards into the body, rather than up and out. During this process, the Chakras are aligned and balanced.

After the session,  the client and practitioner can take some time to reflect on any experiences that occurred.

What can I expect from a Crystal Bed session?

So far,  users of our bed have had many different experiences,  some similar,  some different.  In addition to balancing and cleansing your chakras,  the Crystal Bed might also work on physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual issues.  You could have feelings of warmth or coolness.  You might get the sensation of heaviness or lightness (floating).   Many of our users have had the feeling of peace and tranquility.  Some fall asleep to wake up feeling refreshed and less stressed.   Emotions can possibly be released.   Visions might appear that give you a deeper spiritual understanding.   Whatever experience you have,  remember it was meant specifically for you.

(Disclaimer:  The Crystal Healing Bed is not meant to be a substitute or replacement for health concerns or treatments that require the services of a qualified medical professional.  Any advice on health issues (physical or mental) should also be referred to a qualified medical professional)

How does your version of the Crystal Bed differ from others?

When Chuck first saw the Crystal Bed at a Spiritual Expo in early 2015,   he wanted to own one,  but the cost to purchase the machine was prohibitive.   Chuck then again saw the Crystal Bed later in the year and still had the urge to own one, but the cost factor was still a roadblock.   This time however,   Spirit came to him and told him,  "Don't buy it,  build it yourself."   Without any knowledge on how to build such a device,  Chuck spent the next few months researching the means to do so.   Spirit wanted this version of the crystal bed to operate in a particular way.

Our version of the Crystal Bed is unlike others in the field as it employs programmable LED lights to provide the color light rather than using a standard light bulb and color discs to produce color as some of the others do. The LED lights provide maximum brightness while producing no heat or electromagnetic energy which might interfere with the treatment process. Each LED light is programmed to provide the correct color frequency to align and attune with the corresponding chakra energy center of the client.

Spirit also dictated to Chuck that the lighting sequence would take place in 3 stages.

The first stage is all lights on for a one minute connection period for aligning the crystals and connection of the crystals to the clients chakras.

The second stage is for the Crystal Bed to perform a random light sequence,  one light at a time for approximately 10 minutes. This process is used to allow Spirit / the Universe to dictate which chakras might need more work than others.  Picture a road filled with pot holes and bumps that need to be filled in or grind down until we have a smooth surface. The whole road still gets worked on, but some areas might need a little more special attention. That is how Spirit instructed the process to go in order to give extra work to the chakras that need that extra special attention.

The third stage then switches to a simple sequence from the Crown chakra to the Root chakra,  each light operating one at a time.   Spirit wanted this particular order to allow a consistent,  fluid movement of energy from the head down into the body towards the legs rather than from the Root up and out through the Crown.  This is where our chakra centers are aligned and balanced.

This is all achieved by using a microprocessor and programmable LED lights,  neither of which Chuck had any experience or knowledge of until Spirit directed him on how to build this Crystal Bed.   This does not use the 4 channel light chaser that some other crystal beds use that employee a lighting sequence of 2 lights on,  2 lights on,  2 lights on,  1 light on then repeat.


Why is it important that we have aligned and balanced chakras?

Why is it important to align and balance our chakras? As was once said, picture a musical symphony where all the instruments are in tune and in sync. When this happens they play beautiful music. What happens if even one of the instruments is not in harmony with the others? The music is not so beautiful. The same principle is applied to the chakras. When the chakras are not aligned and out of balance, the body can suffer. When the energy centers are aligned and balanced and working in harmony, the body feels good!

Session Fee Cash: $1/Minute