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 Holistic Partners

* RHOH Office Day
In order to provide a well rounded experience Amy has invited
some of her favorite Holistic Practitioners from a variety of modalities
 to offer RHOH friends services.

Young Living Oils!

These remarkable organic individual oils and blends may be used topically, orally, or in a diffuser. Amy has used these unique oils to enhance her practice for years and now has made them available to you.

Contact Amy directly for purchasing information.

Chuck Lehman

Crystal Bowl Meditation/ Crystal Healing

Chuck Lehman is a White Light Reiki Master and Healer.

Consider that running your finger around the edge of a crystal glass filled with water makes it ring, and the water itself shift. Because we are about 65-70% water, we react to the sound of crystal bowls similarly as their vibration moves through us. The tones or specific notes of each bowl activate different chakras, organs and emotions which may assist you to re-balance, relax and restore health. Chuck includes color and additional crystal chimes to create an amazing experience.

Chuck's Paranormal Adventures

We have teamed up with Chuck on numerous Investigations/Crossings all with amazing results. He is an experienced, professional that has a passion for this work.

Past investigations include: Old Tennent Church,Monmouth Battlefield and Rose Hill Cemetary.

Chucksghosts.com/ 848 202 3280


 Chakra Yoga with Maureen 

a little about Chakra Yoga

Chakras are part of the subtle body system; the energy centers. Those centers are like wheels or vortexes that spiral & spin.  Chakras can become blocked, due to physical, emotional, or spiritual “traumas”. Energy center imbalances influence emotions, thoughts and physical health, and blockages often show up as physical manifestations in the body. Over time, they can create more serious problems of imbalance & dis-ease, leading to pain. Yoga helps us become more aware of these imbalances and provides methods of stimulating or slowing-down to release the energy blocking chakras. Allowing energy to move smoothly to the next chakra. Chakra yoga can help to heal the dis-ease or dis-comfort.  Contact Maureen at Mojorising930@gmail.com or 631-697-3146.


Debra Taubenslag

Past Life Regressions/Hypno-Therapy for Health

Debra J. Taubenslag, D.C.H.


10 Bruning Road
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone: 732-249-2893
Fax: 732-249-2893

E-Mail: deb@mysticalgiftsandguidance.com
Website: www.mysticalgiftsandguidance.com

Education: 1979 Speech/Theatre, & Special Ed Certification, Montclair College, NJ
1992 Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis, American Institute of Hypnotherapy, CA

Professional Memberships: IARRT - Professional Member
National Guild of Hypnotists - Professional Member
American Board of Hypnotists - Professional Member
National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists - Professional Member
National Association of Certified Hypnotists - Professional Member

Career: Private Practice since 1989.

Specialties: Transpersonal Hypnosis
Spiritual Healing
Massage Therapy

Courses Taught: Transpersonal Hypnosis which includes past life regression. 50 hr course.

Services Offered: Informative presentations to various groups; civil and metaphysical.

Publications: Author of "Not Crazy Just Enlightened" Galde Press, copyright 2000

Christine Barath :

Certified Psychic- Medium/Intuitive

Christine's gifts first presented themselves when she was just four years old. Her father not knowing why, purchased her first deck of Tarot Cards when she was a teenager. Her readings are given with the highest of intention, compassion and service to others. A life-long love affair with spirit, and they with her, Christine is continually taking and offering classes to enhance and share her skills. A session with her is an amazing, compassionate journey that leaves you uplifted.

 Peter Rosolen: Psychic/Medium

Peter is a valued partner at RHOH. A lifelong student he studied many modalities to enhance his natural healing/mediumship gifts.  His compassionate service is making the world a better place one heart at a time.









James Beard: Breathwork/Author and Founder of the 13 Breath Technique. ThirteenBreaths.com.