Young Living Oils


You can now purchase these extraordinary oils directly from Amy or with Amys help directly at a discount from Young Living Oils. Used in her healing practice since the 90's Amy has found these to be the Best of the Best! A little goes a long way and they are effectively used b

y millions or people around the globe as part of healing modalities and for general health and well being. All oils can be used orally, topically or with a diffuser and don't leave that oily residue.

These are the ONLY oils she uses!

Amy is offering these oils not for the INCOME but for the OUTCOME!...

For additional information please contact Amy via email.


Reiki Hands of Hope, 22 Old Matawan Rd, G4, Old Bridge, NJ 08857


Seasonal Ideas:

Thieves: Antibacterial

Purification and Raven: Sinus

 Lavender: Peace & Calming

Peppermint: Energy & Digestion